Award Winning Scottish Cider

Lost Orchards Cider is a premium Scottish cider made from apples grown and pressed in Dundee, Scotland. We are on a mission to shake up the cider industry by replanting the lost orchards of Scotland whilst creating award-winning premium cider using our apples and locally grown berries. For every sip, we plant a pip. Join us on our journey.


Lost Orchards handpicked apples

Scotland's Lost Orchards

Since the 12th century, orchards scattered with juicy apples, were a popular sight in Scotland. Globalisation and lower transport costs lead to cheaper imports from overseas and the orchards were lost. We’re looking to reverse this process, one sip at a time and restore a traditional part of our much-loved heritage and countryside.

Lost Orchards Cider apple replanting

So how do we plant the trees?

That is a very good question! We started with one grower, Andrew in 2012 and since then we’ve increased our number of growers to 4. We’ve already planted a few thousand trees and we aim to expand our group and the numbers of orchards we plant.

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